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A Restauração da Igreja

Pastor Tupirani

Well my dear

the Bible is the word of God

says in II Peter, chapter 2

As well as among the people,

you false prophets,

so there will also be among

you false teachers,

which will introduce, covert,

destructive heresies,

to the point of renegade the

sovereign Lord who rescued you,

bringing about themselves

sudden destruction.

And many follow their

libertine practices,

and because of them, will be ignited

The Way of Truth;

also, driven by greed,

will do trade of you,

with fictitious words;

for them the wrought trial long time ago

not late, and their destruction does not sleep.

Dear listener the word of God

the story know that Jesus Christ

died on the cross for the sins of mankind

but this blood of Christ

has been overlooked, not by all,

but by the great majority

and many do not wish to deny this blood

this sacrifice, but innocence

and taken by leaders and fictitious words

has done many hide themselves and losing

the Way of Truth, in John 14:6

Jesus Christ said:

Im the Way and the Truth and the Life;

and nobody comes to the Father, without be through me.

He isnt a liar

He said that He is the Way and there is no other

Peter, the apostle, in Acts

says, look:

There is no other name given among men

by which we must be saved

You want to be saved

Jesus is the Way

You want a name

the name is the name of Jesus

and what you have done in your life

you really has followed Christ

or Satan

You will say: No, I follow Christ

But Christ only accept to be followed by their word

by his own word

if youre not on the way that says Psalm 11


Lamp to my feet and

light for my path

is your Word.

If youre not in this way

you wont be saved

youll be a lost

you must agree

are you really following Christ ?

or you have is an idolater

moved by traditions or by idolatrias

modernised that has shown

see what the Scripture talk about you

will be a business in the hand of false masters

false pastors, false doctors, false ministers

Dont you have become a business,

a mass of HANDLING in the hands of powerful

Does your tithe isnt having

more value that your own soul

for the leaders that are there

What do you think

You need to think, meditate

and understand that

Jesus is the Way and there is no other

He didnt say that the path is your credit with God

No, dont serve this God

He did not say that the path is ...

the brave written on a card

valent of God?

Thats not why youll become a brave

Not by a staff in a role

that youll become someone

This is called idolatry


the scripture says that would have inventors of lie

You know how much this here

this is not for anyone

isnt anyone who can move it

is in minimum 1,000 reais

to buy this

then its discrimination

not everyone can participate

is 1,000 reais for you to blow the trumpet

and be blessed

The Christ of the Bible, He is

The Path and He doesnt discriminate anybody

If you have or not, He reaches you

because He is Lord, dont need anything thats yours

He came to give, he came serve

Not to be served, not to take

Not to rob you without putting your hand in your pocket

You need to know what god youll serve

What god youll worship

Look how much modernised idolatry we have

Look how theyre deceiving you

Look what theyre giving for you

they are or not deceiving you ?

are lying to you

This here is not the lamp of the Spirit

The lamp of the Spirit is the Word

Which Jesus Christ died

You have to know that... Peter says:

There is only one name and only one mediator

between God and men, Jesus Christ, man.

because Hes the symbol of your faith

If not the blood of the Lamb and Word of Testimony

You wont going anywhere

No use putting other things between you and God

Reject these false gods

Theres a real who calls you to learn the truth

You do not have to be slave

The Bible says:

Where is the Spirit of the Lord,

have freedom.

You dont serve to these things

These things arent part of your life

not part of the call of God for you

You have to decide today

If you want to stay with the Bible,

the Word of God, with the blood of Christ and the

Word of the Witness Jesus said in John 14:6 that

He is the only Way, the Truth and the Life

Or youll stay with these MODERNISED IDOLATRY

and continue to be an object of business in the hands

of powerful

Want to listen or stop listening

my part is done

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