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Há algum impedimento ao perdão de Deus ?

Brothers let us reflect again on the Mercy of Jesus

Someone asks:

There is no impediment to Gods forgiveness?

- What then can prevent Gods forgiveness to meet the man?

It is the obstinacy in evil, known as evil against God,

against men and against himself.

There are those who refuse to abuse and forgiveness of God until the last moment of his life,

thus preventing God, you throw the lifesaver.

Someone will say.

- But there is also a time limit?

Yes, there is one condition:

the time of Gods forgiveness is reserved only for this life and this world.

This can be fatal to those who wait

until as late as possible to repair the damage,

Then Jesus warns them with pity, but it clearly:

"Unless you do penance, will all perish."

So, sorry to all who do penance,

who repent therefore

forgiveness is always given. Always!

"Watch," in less time that you think,

will the son of man, I say to you: "Watch."

And he even says the book of Revelation:

Blessed are those who claim to love and sincere desire:

"Come, Lord Jesus" - Maranatha!

Come, and he comes with his mercy.

Another issue with all of this is this:

"Repent and do penance, for the kingdom of God has come"

- What do you mean convert?

Converting is freedom from sin, to move towards Christ

and follow him throughout his message across and His Will,

with faith, hope and full love for God and neighbor.

Someone asks:

- So what is sin?

The sin is to deny the love of God, "as Satan:

"Itll serve."

It is to deny the message of God, the Gospel of Christ

Law and the Commandments and the first of all:

"Love God above all things and our neighbor as Jesus loved us."

Sin is slavery of Satan and its laws of sin,

is to disregard the salvation of Jesus Christ the Saviour

who gave His life for all men.

Sin is also offend God and deny with small slights,

is a sin because the repetition of such negligence

cause is slowly forgetting the light and go into darkness,

causing the death of the soul and the loss of God.

Sin is what kills the soul of the baptized person who is so horrible,

soul after having received many graces: Baptism, Faith,

Membership divine and the inheritance of Heaven, Bread of Heaven as Food.

You despise the Blood, the sufferings, wounds,

the horrible crucifixion and death of Jesus for us

and His forgiveness, at the time of death.

Sin prefers Satan to God,

slavery of the devil to free children of God,

hell to heaven, hatred of the love of Christ,

perdition to salvation, the eternal darkness to light

and the life of Christ and His angels and saints in heaven forever

- What is repentance?

To repent is to let the old man die

and we rise to the new man which is Christ.

It is sad that we renounce effect of sin

and entristecermo us with Christ through the ruins of sin.

This is the sadness that saves, the sin is sorrow that leads to death.

To repent is to begin to beg forgiveness and hate evil;

is to break the chains of sin, with the chains of tyranny.

Not only from evil,

but it is feeling pain because he despised the love of God,

is to take a firm resolve never to offend Him, and also

is to be willing to do works of penance under the guidance of His Church.

Repenting is believing that God loves us always,

that embraces us, accepting our return and our renewed love.

So repent is to renew the baptismal promises,

is to become children of light, is to walk with the Church, namely Christ.

To repent is to confess to God and their own sins to a priest,

because this is the Will of Jesus.

To repent is to honor and obey God,

His Will is preferred to our selfishness, our desire,

is to recognize that His Law is holy,

is wanting to be holy because He is holy,

is wanting to be like Jesus and be merciful love alive as the Holy Spirit;

Communion is the Body of Christ, making us a picture of Christ

walking with Christ in the Eucharist.

Repenting is putting on of Christ, filled with holy works, and

so get with Christ to the Fathers house, like Christ,

the stature of Christ, the eternal embrace of God.

Truly, the Lord Jesus is the savior of the impossible.

My brothers, I want to finish with a written one that unknown writer.

How is the embrace of God to a sinner?

"God so loved the world that he gave his only Son."

He is a Father who never lose faith, it is not intransigent, not hatred.

He is a Father who is always before us, beside us and behind us,

to guard us, to guide us, to save us.

He never asks questions, never humiliated, no screams, no censorship, no judge ever.

When I talk to him soon feel that you understand everything.

It is the Creator, is the Lord!

Its Father came into my life from "spouts standing,"

with a delicacy that seems shy, with a gentle dignity of the Lord,

that still moves me, and with a persistent jealousy,

but not overwhelming, which wants to deliver, whatever the cost.

When I got him into the life of grace,

I felt that it did not feel that

ashamed of my past.

It seemed to me to waste time lamenting the sins I committed.

He just kept saying two words: "Love me, love me and let me love you!"

My brothers, let us invoke Jesus, Jesus, the first missionary

the merciful love of the Father, have mercy on us.

Amen brother, Amen.

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