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Deus Lhe Dá Uma Nova Chance / God gives you another chance

The famous inventor Thomas Edison,
when he created the first incandescent lamp

him to build,

invented it after over 650 experiments

Then she was ready

gave him a lamp for your help

to ascend a ladder

and keep it in a particular place

Thomas Edison had determined that

its official support when it

was driving the lamp

he dropped and broke it

that boy in despair

but Thomas Edison was a very balanced

and he upbraided the young man

simply returned to using the same formula that had worked out

and built another lamp

having just build that lamp

Then its back to help that

and tells him, now you go and keep it

The man went with great concern, great care

and now he climbed the same stairs

and to allocate the lamp for the determination of Thomas Edison

in the right place without breaking it

Thomas Edison was a man of character very balanced

Thomas Edison gave a new Chance for his staff

and I want to tell you on this occasion

Gods also another Chance for us all

maybe you missed

you did something wrong

you failed

you slipped

you have sinned,

and you can not forgive

Now you need to open up to Gods forgiveness

and to open oneself to Gods forgiveness you must first forgive yourself

many people live a life of anguish

live a life of defeat

is because they are torturing porcausa of errors

I come from God speak to you

that no matter the size of their error

no matter the size of its failure

In Jesus name, know

God gives you another Chance

There is a very beautiful poetry in the Bible sacred

is Psalm 103

of verse 11 to verse 14

the bible says

which God manifests himself as a loving father

and He says so in the east

this far in the West

so God away from us our trespasses

our mistakes, our sins

He continues and the psalmist that God Breathed

God continues to say that our God

He pities us with a Father

for He knows our frame

and remember that we are dust

God remembers that we are weak to judge us

God remembers that somo powder

God reminds us that fragile somo

therefore God gives you another Chance

God is not like that fascimora

that theres no Chance

God is not one righteous avenger

our God is a God that gives us a new Chance

believe that truth, even if you wrong

even though you have failed

even if you made bad choices

believe that God gives you another Chance

There is a text of the prophet Jeremiah

in chapter 29, 11 and below

that the relationship between God and his people

is a relationship of love

his people, the people of God that was diverted

the people of God who was removed

Gods people who had wrong ing

Gods people who had failed both

God tells the people, and you can check this

in your Bible Jeremiah 29 verse 11 onwards

saith the Lord: I know thats who I am thinking about you

saith the Lord, thoughts of peace

and not to harm

to give you the order you choose

then upon me, saith God

come and pray to me

and I will hear you, get me here

and find me

when you seek me with all your heart

I will be found of you saith the Lord, and I will change your luck

God is telling you that word

no matter what was your mistake

no matter what was your slide

no matter where you failed

God gives you another Chance

Psalm 37 says

he who fears God, he falls

not fatal because the LORD sustain

with a strong hand

this is the word of God to you

God gives you another Chance

I have great priviléio to pray for you in this direction

Father in Jesus name

Look my God lives of our viewers

this man who can assist us

perhaps wrongly, he failed, lied, cheated

Lord no matter what the error

word of the Lord says he knows our frame
and remember that we are dust

and this far east and the west

You away from us our sin

that this person is in Thee Oh God

consolation for his life

why oh God

You are that God is merciful and compassionate

arrempendimento and we with all our heart

You restore our fortunes

do it in the lives of all viewers

Your own glory to the Father

and it is in Jesus name I pray


God bless you in Jesus name

be with us in the next programming

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